Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones review

My review on Beats Solo3 wireless headphones by Dre

Good or bad, beats is now one of the most popular brands in the audio industry. It’s been a while since beats have introduced any new product in the market but we have finally come to see one of the wireless headphones that have been introduced by the beats by Dre. Beats always focus on keeping things simple for its user and that is why they have managed to gain some loyal customers in a very short span of time. The product that we will review in this article is Beats Solo3 wireless one ear headphone from beats, and this is one of the products that possess the simplicity that beats is known for. We will find out whether it has the classic beats sound signature and build quality that beats is known for. Many other questions will be answered in this review regarding Beats Solo3 wireless On-ear headphone. So, without any further due let’s dig into the details.

What you get inside the box

Starting with opening the box the user will get a message “change the way you hear sound” right after opening the box. After pulling that message page, they will be able to see a small soft shell carrying case in which the headphones have been placed. There is a 3mm audio cable also provided within the box that has an inline microphone, remote, USB charging cable, small clip and a small sleeve that is there to provide the instructions. Some other things that you will find in the box will be the beats sticker and the warranty information.

Build and design

Beats Solo 3 is the third headphone of the Solo series, and you will not find much difference in the design. The Solo3 beats headphones look very similar to Solo 2 headphones, and those who already have solo two headphones will agree with this. It has the same glossy black color as the Solo 2, and they also miserable to fingerprints. The only thing that has changed is that they are not available in few different colors. The build quality of these wireless solo3 beats headphones is fair. They are made up of hard plastic, and they have one of the best leather ear cups that give these headphones a very premium look. There is also extra padding provided in the ear cups to provide the extra fitness. Solo 3 is one of the most comfortable headphones introduced by the beats. Although most of you might not like the plastic padding on the top of the headband, this provides a user with the grip with which they can even consider it for sports purposes. That means that your headphone will not fly here and there while you are working out with them. However, the case provided with the box is not that firm, and it is recommended to get a good quality case for the best protection of the headphones.

These Solo3 headphones can be folded down to very compact size, and at the bottom of the headphone, there is the 3mm audio jack provided for the audio cable. On the right ear cup, there is the power and Bluetooth pairing button and even the charging port is provided to the right of the headphones.

Connection and sound

The connection process of the Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones is flawless if you are connecting it to any Apple device. Once you power the headphone one your Apple device will show a pop-up, and all you have to do is to hit the connect button, and you will be ready to use the headphones. This includes pads and even Mac books. However, if you are connecting it to some other device, then it can take few seconds to get connected. There is a W1 chip installed in these headphones and users will be able to use software with which they can enhance the experience of these headphones. But you cannot enjoy these W1 chip features with android or any other device rather than Apple. But you can enjoy the controls and the same sound quality with every other device.

These headphones have the boosted connection range as well, and if you have your connected phone in the pocket or the bag pack, then there will be no effect on the connection. The headphones can keep connected up to 100 feet without skipping the sound. Using them with wire will give you the same sound experience, but the full functionality of the headphones is only available with the IOS devices.

When it comes to sound, then we all know that beats always come up with something best. To be specific about the Solo 3 headphones, these headphones have the best low to high-end sound quality. The bass felt as boomy as you hear it in the high end. The midst of the headphones can suffer a little as banjo disappears and the vocals lost their details a little, but the high ends are undoubtedly the best. But the high ends of these headphones are not painful at all, and you will barely notice any shrewdness in the sound. There is hardly any sound leakage, and even if you are listening to it to the 60 percent volume, then people around you will hardly notice any sound.


The battery life is another feature that beats offers the best from the rest. The new Solo 3 wireless headphones have insane 40 hours battery timing. The last model of the Solo series only had the 12 hours battery life, but Beats have to pay special attention the battery in Solo 3. If used on the volume then the battery can last up to 31 hours, but on a normal level, it can last up to 40 hours. Even charging your headphones for 5 minutes will give you 3 hours of battery life.


The Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones are the headphones of the future as it contains all the features that a premium headphone should have. Not only the insane battery life but they have the best build and sound quality. I strongly believe that these headphones will fly off the shelves in a blink of an eye and that is why it is advised to invest in these headphones as soon as possible. I really hope you enjoyed my review.
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4 thoughts on “Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones review”

  1. Hey Daniel, really informative article. I have bought the studios and the solos because I’m a big fan of Dr.dre. All I can say is the sound is absolutely amazing and the active noise reduction is so good that I don’t hear anything else but my music. Right now I’m looking for headphones without a cable for working out and I think I will buy those.

    1. Thanks, I love Dr. Dre headphones myself. I am using them everyday. I have the studio ones and they are wired though, so here soon I will be working on getting wireless ones instead. I seen they do have tons of different types, colors, and designs of the Dre headphones. I barely can hear anything when I play music while using these I have.

    1. Hi there, I am sorry I did not post any of them yet. Give me a couple of days and I will have some good reviews on some over the ear headphones. Also I will be making more reviews on tons of great products. I’m always trying to make other people’s lives as easy and less stressful as possible.

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