Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 Review, is it worth buying?

It is hard to settle for the built-in webcam these days especially if you are a frequent Skype video chat user. That is why many tech companies have introduced some of the best high definitions we cam for the users. So, if you don’t want to update your computer just for the sake of webcam, then you can invest in these high definition webcams. Because there are many webcams available in the market these days, it is very hard for the buyers to choose. That is why I come up with the reviews to help users in making decisions. Today I have Logitech HD pro webcam to review, and in this article, we will find out whether it has all the specs that serious webcam users want? Let’s find out what Logitech C920 HD pro webcam has to offer.


Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam is a 1080p full HD cam that is compatible with the latest versions of Skype and other video chatting platforms. Further, it has built-in H.264 video compression and dual stereo mic that are designed to reduce the noise. The camera itself is intelligent enough to correct the low light, and its tripod ready universal clips allow the users to fit it on any laptop, computer or monitor. Because it is a plug and play USB webcam, it is compatible with all the latest platforms that include Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS 10.6 and later and Android version 5.0 and above.


Unlike many other webcams, this Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam has a very premium design. The chunky black color of the webcam goes easily with all the models and colors of laptops and monitors. The webcam has a wide plan of 3.7 inches and both the sides of the webcam has microphones that hardly misses any sound. Then there is an arm at the bottom of the cam that holds itself over the monitor or the lid of the laptop. The length of the arm can also be adjusted, and there is a rubber foot that holds the cam at its place. Users will hardly face any problem in mounting the cam over their digital devices. The webcam also has a long 6 foot USB cord that provides enough length to connect the device to your laptop and desktop.


The five-megapixel camera of the Webcam provides the perfect detail, clarity and color accuracy. It can produce the best results even under the fluorescent light. The camera also has a face time feature that can only be enjoyed by the Mac users. By adjusting the video quality to 720 pixels, users can enjoy face time and can record crystal clear videos as well. This C920 has 78 degrees field of view that is more than enough to include a second person in the picture. Most of the other webcams are good for the one person use only. But that is not the case with the C920 Logitech HD pro webcam. The wide angle doesn’t affect the color and quality of the picture, and the colors become even more vibrant when set to 1080p. There are hardly any grains appear on the screen when used in full light, but the cam is not much sharp when used in low light.

The built-in microphones are of very good quality as well. They provide loud and clear sound, but it can become flat sometimes. However, it has a superior noise cancellation quality with which you can use the cam even in the noisy office or places. It damps the voice in the background and hence enhances the actual voice.


There is special software from the Logitech for its webcams. This software is available for the windows, Mac and Android platforms. With the software, the users can zoom in and out and can also pan the camera left and right. There are many other features and avatars that add a bit of fun to the video conference calls. The camera can also be used as a security cam as it has a built-in motion sensor features. This feature is very handy when you want to keep an eye on your desk. The software occasionally crashes while viewing videos and pictures but during the live chat it hardly shows any bug or crash.

C920 Logitech webcam requires minimal of setup with the windows platforms. All you have to do is to plug the cam in and to download the Logitech app. You can configure the settings of the cam through the software and once done you are ready to use the webcam for the live chats. The security mode of the camera can also be enabled through the app.


The webcam has a very smooth frame rate, and that is not the case with many of the other webcams available in the market.

Users can enjoy sharp and clear photos and videos with this HD webcam.

The webcam has a long cord that enables the user to connect it with their PCs easily.

Wide angle feature allows more than one person to fit in the frame at the same time.


The Logitech software is a little buggy at times as it crashes occasionally.

The recorded audio tends to sound a little muffled at times, but in live chats, the sound is very clear and noise free.


I think this one is a great one to really consider if you are doing a lot of video calls, business meetings that require video for 2 or more parities that is involved, chatting with friends and family, recording video, and many other ways to use this that you might need it for. This one is a great choice for those that want to spend a decent price for a wonderful webcam. I have used 1-2 of webcams before but those are not as good as this one. I would highly recommend this one. If you are interested in this webcam or you want to look at some great reviews Amazon has then click the link to go get this wonderful webcam at Amazon.com.