Cyberpower Intelligent LCD UPS System Review

Nothing can be more frustrating than losing the power in the middle while working on a computer or PC. Especially video game players hate losing the power as it kills their play time. Not only the game players even the business persons and computer enthusiasts don’t appreciate this power cut. We all know that the struggle is real, but technology has a solution for this irritating problem. If you have spent thousands of dollars on your personal computer then spending 100 more will never going to hurt you if you can get rid of this problem. Yes, we are talking about the uninterruptible power supply system that will help you in the time of power outage.

Today we have many ups systems available in the market, but it is essential to invest in a system that is reliable and cost-effective. Cyber Power is a known brand in the ups industry that has introduced some of the powerful ups systems in the market. Cyber power LCD intelligent ups system is one of them and in this article, we will review the ups and will find out whether it is a system to consider or not. Because it has been a decade since Cyber Power has been in business, we can expect some good ups systems from them. Let’s start with looking at the features of this LCD ups system.


It is very clear from the name that this is a 1500 VA capacity which means that it can provide users with the power supply for a reasonable long time. There are two types of communication ports installed in the ups that include USB and serial ports. These ports allow the users to connect the ups system with the personal computers easily. Then there is an overload protection system installed in the ups as well. There is an internal circuitry limiting breaker that protects the ups from the overloading. Another noticeable feature of the ups is its built-in energy saver. The green power bypass ups bypass technology installed in the ups makes sure that it extends the battery timing of the ups and allows the user to enjoy their PC time.


Although the ups system is equipped with some of the mind-blowing built-in systems, it doesn’t weigh too much. The overall body weight of the system is 25 pounds, and because it comes in the tower shape, it is very easy to place the ups along with the desktop. All it requires is a stable place, and you are good to go. The body of the ups is constructed with thick mold plastic that eliminates a lot of weight from the ups. However, it looks very solid in design.

Inside the thick mold plastic body, there are two hot-swappable batteries placed to supply the backup power at the time of power outage. To maintain the batteries of the ups the battery compartments are designed to be easily accessible. But the users will hardly be required to access the batteries as Cyber Power provides warranty on all the repairs and replaces all the defective parts including the batteries. If you face any issue within the first three years of the purchase, then Cyber Power will take care of it.

This ups system has twelve electrical power outlets in total, and six of them features the battery backup. The battery backup power of the ups is designed to protect the sensitive electronics such as computers and it also prevents the data loss that can be caused because of the unexpected utility power outages. That is why it is considered to be one of the intelligent ups systems available in the market. For the first 12 minutes of losing the power, the ups run on half load and the full load time of the ups is 3 minutes. With these half and full loads, the ups keep the equipment running at the time of outages and give users the time to save their data and to shut down their equipment normally. Another intelligent technology included in the ups is the data line protection with which this ups prevent the power surges that travel through coaxial, telephone and Ethernet lines. While the AVR technology of the ups makes sure that the equipment gets the consistent power by automatically regulating the voltages.

There is an LCD panel at the front of the ups that provides all the necessary details. Users can see the current load capacity, fault alarms, battery charge percentage and estimated run time at first glance.


The power panel personal is the compatible software for the Cyber Power LCD ups system. It is also available for the Linux systems and with this software users can monitor the activities of the ups while it is connected via USB. This software also allows the users to communicate with the ups in a great efficient way and with the self-testing feature of the software users can maintain the system more effectively. Let’s now see the pros and cons of the ups for a better conclusion.


The ups have a slim body which is not only solid, but is attractive in design as well. The users are not required to attach external batteries to the ups as it has built-in batteries inside the body. The green power technology of the ups reduces the energy requirement which is not a feature that you will see in many ups systems.

The battery life of the  LCD ups system is estimated to be 6 years, and this extended battery life is because of the AVR technology.The weight of the ups is on the light side, and that is why users don’t have to arrange a special cabinet for the ups.


The only con about the ups that we have managed to find out is that it only provides 4 battery backup outlets. More outlets would be useful to supply more equipment.


The CyberPower LCD ups system is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies and the best part is that it doesn’t cost much. Although there is another version of this ups available as well, it is recommended to get this LCD ups system for your equipment. Further, there is three years repair and replacement warranty available on the ups which make it a deal to seal. There are not many ups systems available in the market that has this many features to provide at such affordable prices. If you are interested in buying this one click on the link below to check it out on amazon.
CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS System

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