CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS system, you think it’s worth it? You tell me.

Hey everybody, I know that in all sorts of the year there are all kinds of power outages and power failures some sort of way that happens. It can be very costly to get yourself back up and running again. I found a sweet UPS ( Uninterruptible power supply) that on Amazon it is the Amazon’s choice. Has lots of great features and tons of helpful benefits that can make your life easier and more manageable than before. Now let me get this ball rolling and tell you about this great UPS system that everyone should at least think about getting to keep you’re business office, home office, entertainment system, and many more different areas to keep running.

Why do you think you need it? Let me tell you why!

Well this battery backup will have sufficient amount of emergency run time power for safely shutting down devices, electronics, or any kind of laptop, desktop, and many other kind of items that is powered and needed to be shut down for a temporary time. Even for a second if the power goes out, that short amount of time can still lead to loss of data, damage to your items that is connected to an outlet, and because of the damage it can also shorten your items life expectancy as well. I certainly don’t want that to happen to you. If any damage, loss of data, or anything like that happens without using this one or one similar. You can be out of a ton of money in some cases. That can hurt you or the company you are working for.

Here is some typical use of this kind of UPS battery backup.

If you are interested in getting one of these or one similar, it’s best to know what the normal kind of use people need to use it for. You can use this if you are a gamer to keep your computers, entertainment system, laptops, gaming systems, and anything between that a gamer needs to keep on playing. For those who are at an office or home office can also easily be able to use this to protect computers, printers, fax machines, and many other devices that need protection. Do you need this one at home too? Yes you do, if you want to keep all your important devices, electronics, and many other household items that can be shut down safely while power is out. You see all sorts of different types of uses and I know everyone has a use for one.

Power Management Software, a great feature to help protect your items.

This battery backup has a wonderful power management software to help keep you notified of any changes or lets you see how your power is doing. Has a user-friendly dashboard for easy controlling and monitoring the UPS system. Some features include run time management, self testing, even logging, and much more. With this software it can help you tremendously keeping you protected and safe.

Wanting to know the specifications? Well I got you covered.

900VA/400W, 12 NEMA 5-15R outlet- 6 Surge Protected Outlets safeguarding home entertainment equipment, networking devices, workstations, and desktop computers. 6 Battery Backup & Surge Protected Outlets. Automatic voltage regulations. 3 year warranty, Data line protection ( telephone), simulated sine wave forum, and multi functional LCD.


I think that this one is a wonderful one to at least think about getting. It can help keep your home, office and many other places protected and secure. Save you money from having damage, loss of data, or shortened life span of devices that did not have protection from this one or one similar that could have helped keep them running properly. All I want to do is make sure that you have your items protected, secure and running properly with no issues at all. I do believe that this one would make a wonderful gift even for those that are into gaming, business, home office, or someone that has an entertainment system that needs protection. If you think that there is another one or any other kind of item you want me to write a review or items to write about just let me know in comments below or contact me. I will be more than happy to look into getting a post made. Thanks for taking the time to read this and consider getting this one. Have a great day everyone! If you are interested in buying it, then please click the link to purchase it.

2 thoughts on “CyberPower Intelligent LCD UPS system, you think it’s worth it? You tell me.”

  1. I like the 3 year warranty. I was wondering, if I have something plugged into this and it crashes during an outage, will they cover this since it was plugged into the ups system? It would be nice peace of mind for sure if that is the case.

    1. Hey, Well as far as I know of, if you are still in that 3 year warranty and the device(s) are still plugged in and it does crash. Then yes they should be able to replace what you lost. It is $200,000 connected equipment guarantee. I will be end up getting it soon though. We do get some bad weather and I will want to protect my device(s) too. Thanks for taking the time visiting and have a wonderful day!

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