Great Bluetooth headphones reviews; everyone can always use some.

Today I wanted to write some reviews on some great Bluetooth headphones that are on Amazon and some of these are amazon’s best sellers and 1 of them is not, but it does have tons of great reviews on their site. These have some great features and wonderful designs I think everyone can use. I just wanted to make sure I offer some of the best ones that I could find and make sure that you are also getting a good deal by buying some headphones for low price instead of paying hundreds of dollars for some headphones. Now let’s get this ball rolling.

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over The Ear

Here is a great one I really enjoy that have some great features as well. Sounds very good with even calling features too. Noise passive isolating. Will not cancel out all the noise around, but it will not drain the battery.

Imersive Hi-Fi sound 

This pair has CSR chip, around-ear cushion that can provide robust, imsersive, and high sound quality. The sound will make it seem like you are right there with whatever you are listening to or whoever you are talking to. If you are looking for more sound quality than actual noise cancelation then you have found some great ones to listen to.

Hands-free call and built in mic

Take a note that the mic works in wireless mode only. This headphone will connect quickly and easily to any Bluetooth enabled devices such as tvs, cell phones, computers, tablets and many others within 33 feet.  The feature for hands-free calling is a great way to keep your hands free from having to hold a phone or be right up on a mic.

Advanced compatibility

Great feature for those that need to be connected up to 33 feet. Very nice feature when you need to walk around a room or even a small office area and still can be connected to whichever device is connected to. Be sure to make sure the driver software is installed on the device your headphones are connected to and make sure the software is up to date. With this awesome feature you can connect to any Bluetooth enabled devices.

Foldable and portable design

Having this foldable and portable design will make it very easy for traveling and moving around. If you are traveling or have any kind of trip to make you can easily store these very nicely and not having to worry if these will get damaged if they are not folded out like tons of other headphones are. These will be folded and stored in a safe place while you are moving around or traveling.

If you are interested in these please click the link below


TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

I come across these when I was looking for some of the best sellers and I know these will be great to have. Have some wonderful features everyone can enjoy while listening to these.

A perfect quiet zone just for you

Has active noise canceling technology. With these headphones they will neutralize those annoying ambient noises, so that way you can enjoy your listening experience in peace and quiet.

Just like wearing a pillow

These are built to last, ergnomically shaped ear cups, adaptive memory foam cushions envelop your ears in awesome comfort, and adjustable headband.

Very impressive play time

Has 25 hour play time. Stream your music or watch movies for hours and hours or just plug in the gear to charge them up  when the battery is low. Very long play time that will make it much easier to have instead of only a few hours of play.

Supreme sound with no distraction

With this high performance dual drivers to stream precision highs, deep bass, warm mids, and take clear hands-free calls with the mic. Listening to some great music or watching movies having these wonderful features you will defitently have a blast listening with some great sound.

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Mpow H1 Bluetooth Headphones Over The Ear

Here is another Mpow headphones I figured everyone can look into getting. Many good features and designs to make your days and nights very easy to deal with while you work, listen to music, or watch movies.

Superior comfort for your calls and music

bluetooth 4.1, 15-20 hour music listening, mic, and CSR chip as well. Gentle cushion around your ears, flexiable headband, soft and light weight ear pads, and adjustable pins to make it easier to use.

Natural HD sound
Finely tuned neodymium driver 40mm stereo driver together with over the ear pads provide immersive listening experience in natural sound.

Quick control over your music and calls

You can adjust the volume, change the track, play and pause the music with the headphones. Built in microphone that offers hands-free calling convenience.

Below click the link to get these, if you are interested.


Avantree 40 hr Wireless / Wired  Over the Ear Headphones

These are not considered Amazon’s best sellers lists but they are some great ones I looked over personally. As far as play time it is much higher than the others i wrote about. I really hope you would consider these if you are looking for very long play time.

Superior Hi-Fi sound

Experience High-Resolution sound with aptX Hi-Fi technology. Great sound reproduction with wide audio range that is producing rich bass and clear treble. Challenging many much higher priced headphones on the market.

Long battery life and dual mode

Enjoy up to an amazing 40 hours of music play time in wireless mode, or use the included 3.5mm cable to switch to a wired connection, and use your phone without draining any battery at all. Change from wireless headphones to wired headphones in seconds.  Take a note that no mic in wired mode.

Comfortable and lightweight

These over the ear wireless headphones will come with a super soft earpads and an easily adjustable headband providing a comfortable, and a customized fit. An ideal choice for long periods of music, gaming or watching TV. Also if your device / TV is not Bluetooth equipped then you will need a seperate transmitter to connect to it.

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My conclusion

After viewing all of these great headphones, and many others similar. I think these are some of the best I could find. I want to say that if anyone has better ones you want me to write a review on or just post about be sure to let me know and I will do my best to have that posted as soon as possible. These are some decent prices on them as well. If you click on the links you will be able to view the items on Amazon and the current prices. I just want to offer you the best instead of just offering you some random stuff. These will give you same effects that the more pricey ones have. I have seen some of the pricey ones and tons of people will chose the cheaper route like these rather than spending all that money for basically similar these.





2 thoughts on “Great Bluetooth headphones reviews; everyone can always use some.”

  1. hey Daniel, really cool article. I first liked the Mpow 059 because they look pretty cool and they have the headset function. Which is perfect for me because I game a lot. But I think the sound of the Avantree 40 hr has a better sound and I’m really about the sound.

    1. Thank you. Well I really prefer more of the sound myself. The long battery life is really good feature, but there is a lot of people that look for more of sound quality instead. I will continue to work on more reviews on headphones as I keep finding more great ones that should be great to own.

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