The top 10 best tech accessory backpacks and organizers

The top 10 accessory bags and backpacks

I think everyone needs a great tech accessory backpack or organizer to store all the tech and accessories for your everyday needs. Here i have gathered the top 10 bags and backpacks I could find that would be best for everyday use, students, business uses, and any kind of trips you may want to take and need one of these to store all your items.

10) Bubm electronics travel organizer

This one has 12 elastic loops to keep your cables organized and kept from mixing up and causing a big mess. Also, has 6 easy access mesh pockets to store all your memory cards, CF cards, USB sticks, and many more. It has 3 mesh compartments to store memory banks, external hard drives, even small tablets or cell phones. It has a double layer for keeping everything together and in order. One of the great features I like is if you have a big bag or suitcase you can store this in there as well to keep all of your goodies together and safe. If you are interested in buying this one click below to get it!

9) Bagsmart travel universal organizer

I think this one is a very nice organizer that would be very nice to have when you need to store all your electronic accessories. Even filling up the organizer will close very easy. This one has 2 inner mesh pockets with zipper that can fit a portable hard drive, or small tablet. 6 mesh pouches with elastic loops to expand to fit multiple sizes of USB drives. 3 special pouches to store your SD cards to prevent the cards to be missing. Also, has a special logo to distinguish from different bags so you know which one will have the accessories you want to store away in here. Considering buying this one? click below to get it.

8) AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case

This universal travel case is designed to fit a lot of small electronics like Garmin, Nikon, Sony, Apple, and many others. Also, has plenty of room for storing cables, batteries, USB drives, and small accessories like earbuds and several things like that. You can also fit some small tablets and cell phones as well. Could be a great place to store keys, wallets, and notepads as well when traveling. Can fit digital cameras, ITouch, The flip, and many more in similar sizes. Interested in this one? click below to purchase this one.

7) Ebags Professional Slim Laptop backpack

Easily converts from backpack to suitcase and includes vertical and horizontal luggage handle pass-thru panels. Well padded air mesh back panel, and contoured backpack straps as well. Fully padded and lockable laptop compartment. Crush proof AC-adapter garage that isolates and protects heavy or fragile accessories from everything else. Top load tablet pocket that is fleeced lined to automatic glass cleaning and also lockable. Diagonal slash pocket that is inside the middle compartment to help organize loose papers and folders. There is a front panel organizer that helps you stay organized. In the front panel there is 3 zipper mesh pockets, two business card pockets, two elastic pen loops plus one hidden pen pocket, one elastic trimmed pouch pocket, and a key leash. Also, zippers can be locked and secured. This can be found at amazon if you wish to buy it. Click below.

6) Electronics Travel Organizer Storage Bag

There are several straps for cables, USB drives, and anything else you need to have strapped down. There are several pockets for memory cards, SD cards, small portable hard drives, and even small digital cameras too. There is plenty of pockets and slots for cell phones, hard drives, cameras, tablets. This one is a durable shockproof and waterproof. The lower compartment is great space for electronic or PC accessories or parts. Ready to purchase this one? click the link to get it.

5) Hynes Eagle Travel Universal Cable Organizer Electronics Accessories Case

This one has 2 zip mesh pockets, several elastic loops, SD card pocket, a few slip mesh pockets, very lightweight, and great way to keep your accessories organized, you can put several cords, earbuds, or USB drives all nicely put in place to keep them organized. Have plenty of room in the zip pockets for portable drives, USB drives, memory cards, cell phones, and much more. You can also use this one to store in brief cases, laptop backpacks or laptop cases, bigger cases that hold your bigger electronics. You can keep tons of stuff in here to keep them protected, safe, and organized while traveling. Click below to get this one.

4) Case logic backpack bag

There is a dedicated laptop compartment that holds 14 inch laptops, 13 inch mac books, and 15 inch mac books. Also, a zippered safety pocket keeps’ passport, airline tickets, and devices up to 14inches. A scratch resistant pocket that can hold sunglasses, cell phones, or any touch screen devices that can fit. Side zippered pockets for small cords, keys, snacks, and strap management as well to keep things organized and out of your way. Quilted padding in front of the pack and shoulder straps for extra cushioning. Inside you can keep your laptop safe and still room for books, binders, extra papers, folders, and many other items that can be placed inside to keep your things together and organized. Here is the link below to get it if you are interested.


3) UGREEN Electronic Organizer

This one has double layers with lots of room for a lot of your electronics and accessories. It has 1 large mesh pocket for small tablets, cell phones, Nintendo switch console and 2 joy cons. The mesh pocket can fit up to 7.9 inch tablets or other kinds of electronics about that size of thickness. Has 3 mesh pockets for power banks, 3.5 inch hard drives, mouse, phone, etc. 12 elastic loops for cables, earbuds, flash drives, SD cards. Heavy duty nylon exterior and soft lining interior for great protection against scratches, impacts, shocks and splashes. With how small this one is you can easily put this one into backpacks, briefcases, shoulder bags, any many other kinds of bigger bags or backpacks. Click below to buy this one.

2) BGTREND Electronic Cord Organizer Travel Bag

Well there are several straps for cords, memory cards, USB drives, and all kinds of different accessories or small electronics that can fit. Spot for paperwork like passports, notepads, folded papers, phones and other kinds of other electronics or similar that could fit. Small zip pouch for small tablets, phones, and charger for them. Another zip pouch for battery packs, hard drives, USB drives, or other accessories/ electronics. Slot for a student ID, drivers ID, etc. There is a spot for earbuds, small cords for your tech or electronics. You can easily put this bag into bigger ones to keep everything organized and safe. Easily be able to keep everything together with how small this one is. Here is the link below if you wish to buy this one.

1) BAGSMART Compact Travel Accessory Bag

It has 1 extra elastics’ holder that can store pens, laser pointers, tablet pens etc. 1 middle covered pocket for cell phone or portable charger. 3 small mesh pockets for small SD cards, earbuds, and other small items to keep from being missing. 1 padded pocket with zipper for power bank, external hard drives, mouse, and many other items about that size. 3 cord pockets with elastic loops to keep cords, USB cables, and several other types to keep your things neat and organized. This one is lightweight, smart size to fit into bigger bags, brief cases, and a lot of other types of bigger bags, backpacks etc. Great one to buy, click below if you wan this one.


My Conclusion

These are some of the best ones I could find and i really hope that you can give these a try. I have used a couple of bags and backpacks kind of similar to these and they are very handy. These bags and backpacks can easily be used for just about any kind of situation you are in. If you find one that is even better and you want me to update my list please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me and I will be more than happy to look into it. Thanks very much for reading my blog.





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